Dr. Zhaobo Li is an acupuncturist licensed by the State of Maryland.  He received his education on both Traditional Chinese
    Medicine (Acupuncture and Massage) and Western Medicine (M.D.& Ph.D.) in Sport Medicine from China. He has practiced  
    Acupuncture and Sport Medicine for 25 years and received a national award of Outstanding Scholar in Sport Medicine, issued by
    China State Physical Culture and Sport Commission.

       Dr. Li completed 5 year fellowship training for neuromuscular diseases in School of Medicine The Johns Hopkins University.
    He also spend 12 years for neuromuscular disease research in School of Medicine The Johns Hopkins University.  He
    published 46 research papers in both Chinese and English in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  

       Dr. Li is a health consultant for Voice of America (VOA), an US official  broadcast on radio, TV and the internet for global
    audience of 123 million people in the world.  He is regularly invited to present  talk for sport medicine and Chinese medicine by
    health TV program of VOA.  Dr. Li also is active members of National association of Chinese Medicine, Chinese associate of
    TCM, Maryland Acupuncture Society, The Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association.  

       Over decade practices in acupuncture and neuromuscular diseases,  Dr. Li has developed many unique methods to diagnose
    and treat various symptoms of chronic diseases.  By combining with Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern medical
    science,  Dr. Li's acupuncture can create more therapeutic solutions to obtain  the best result for various conditions and unique
    need of each individual patient. Dr. Li's goal is to provide the best possible health care to his patients and maintain their optimal
    mind and body wellness.  

 If you are suffering various illnesses, please feel free to schedule a consultation. We will make a specific acupuncture
        treatment plan for you.
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Dr. Zhaobo Li's Selected Publications

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