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Acounture point: Happy point
Scientific basis
1. Happy point's office name and location:
 Happy point 's office name  is "Hall of
impression (EX-HN3)". It
 located between the
inner eyebrows. One of my patients name this
point as “Happy point” after her depression and
anxiety released by needling this point.
Happy point is an anatomically important
area in the brain, in where both of pituitary
gland and pineal gland are located. Many
researches have showed that acupuncture
can increase the hormones secreting in
both pineal and pituitary glands.
    Research confirmed acupuncture happy point can activate pituitary
gland. Using functional MRI (fMRI) investigated cerebral functional regions
after stimulating “Happy point” by electroacupuncture. Statistical parametric
mapping for regional homogeneity (ReHo) and amplitude of low-frequency
fluctuation (ALFF) were analyzed. Results showed both ReHo and ALFF
were increased after 5 and 15 post stimulations  on temporal lobe area.
Because pituitary gland locate in temporal lobe area in the brain,
acupuncture happy point activated pituitary gland. .
 Happy point lies on Governing (Du) Vessel, which is a main  
meridian on the body. It is interesting that  "happy point" isn’t generally
considered to be a Governing (Du) Vessel point. although it lies on the
channel pathway. "Happy point  is classified as one of the ‘extra’
points. It’s also interesting to note that it lies in the area known as the
‘third eye‘ in various traditional cultures, and it also corresponds to the
‘upper dantian‘ in qigong,  which is one kind of meditation through
meridian passway.
  The pituitary gland secretes many important hormones to control
growth, blood pressure, sex, pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, function
of kidneys, temperature, and pain relief. Pituitary gland also
regulates immune system through adrenal gland, lymph node and
growth hormone. So stimulating "happy point" by acupuncture can
improve body's functions including immune function.  
..   Using infrared detector, we found that the
temperature in “happy point’ was significantly
increased during Qigong. This result
suggested Happy point is a important location
for meridian function. Meditation can activates
improving body wellness  
2. Happy point's function
3. Clinic study for effect of happy points on depress and insomnia
   A 2018 preliminary review
conducted by Chan-Young Kwon
et al reported to the current state
of studies using happy point
(EX-HN 3) alone for anxiety.  Five
clinic trials including 366 patients
were included in the review.  The
conclusion is that acupuncture on
happy point (EX-HN 3) alone
reduces the anxiety of
preoperative participants.  
Pre-operative anxiety is an unpleasant state of psychological
distress that occurs in up to 87% of patients awaiting
neurosurgical procedures.   A single-centre, prospective,
randomised controlled trial was
designed to determine the effect of acupuncture at the happy
point (EX-HN3) on pre-operative anxiety levels in neurosurgical
patients.  128 patients were involved in this study.  The patients
receive either acupuncture at the happy point (EX-HN3) point
(acupuncture group) or no intervention (control group). The
anxiety level was measured by using six-item short form of the
State-Trait Anxiety Inventory.  The results showed that Anxiety
Inventory score reduced significantly in the acupuncture group
with no change seen in the control group. There were no
adverse events in either group. This result suggested
acupuncture at the happy point (EX-HN3) reduces pre-operative
anxiety levels in patients awaiting neurosurgery.
  A  randomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled, clinic trial parallel-group investigated the efficacy and safety of electroacupuncture for the
treatment of primary insomnia. 60 adult volunteers who report having insomnia 3 or more nights per week for at least 3 months. Their
symptoms meet the DSM-IV criteria for primary insomnia and an Insomnia Severity Index total score of at least 15. Electroacupuncture points
include Happy point (EX-HN3), additional to other points. The experiment groups received 3 times per week for 3 weeks. Control group
received placebo acupuncture using Streitberger needles at the same points. The results showed that there were significantly greater
improvements in sleep efficiency by sleep diary and actigraphy in the electroacupuncture group. The proportions of subjects having less than
30 minutes of wake after sleep onset and a sleep efficiency of at least 85% at the posttreatment visit were significantly higher in the
electroa¬cupuncture group. All adverse events were mild in severity.
 An animal study aimed to determine if mechanism of acupuncture for
depression found that  acupuncture happy point  (EX-HN3) and Baihui
(CV20) significantly decreased depress measured by immobility in
swimming test, sucrose preference test and open field test, compared with
the Sham acupuncture.  The expression of 5-HT,  a monoamine
neurotransmitter that plays an important role in sleep, feeding, mood
disorders, anxiety disorders et al, was significantly decrease in the
hippocampus CA1regionn,  comparison to the sham acupuncture group.  
The result suggested acupuncture happy point  (EX-HN3) and Baihui (CV20)
together could ameliorate depressive-like behaviors by restoring
hippocampus CA1 synaptic plasticity.
1) Hapyy point for anxiety
2) Happy point for isomnia
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